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World War Two

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8th ArmouredThe 8th Armoured Brigade 1939 - 1945
Hannover, 1946, Card Covers. First Edition. 43pp,

35 + 2.00 P&P A very rare publication in this condition, and about the cheapest on the net.

Two folding maps-Europe & N.Africa-Middle East, wounded/lilled stats
Probably a unit printers
Div. emblems on pages
internally very clean
Montys War on TerrorMontgomery and the First War on Terror
Robert Oulds; 2012

5 + 2.90 P&P
Signed by the Author


Bletchley Park mcKayThe Secret Life of Bletchley Park
Sinclair McKay

3 + 2.90 P&P

The WWII Codebreaking Centre and the men and women who worked there.

Holiday SnapsAdolf Hitler's Home Counties Holiday Snaps
Luftwaffe Target Reconnaissance
German Aerial Photography 1939 - 1942

5 + 1.70 P&P

Berkshire, Essex, Kent, London, Surrey, Sussex.

Ex library book, with mark of 'withdrawn' inside.
Paperback with clear plastic protector.  SOLD
Churchill German ArmyChurchill's German Army
Helen Fry

3 + 2.90 P&P

10,000 German and Austrians volunteered to serve in the Britich Armed Forces and seved in the Pioneer Corps.

The Eighth ArmyThe Eighth Army

4 + 1.70 P&P

HMSO publication for the War Office. The official account of the Eighth Army's campaign in the Western Desert. Includes the Sidi Rezegh Battle, the relief of Tobruk, the disaster at Knightsbridge, the fall of Tobruk. The stand at El Alamein, Montgomery's strike and the advance to Tripoli.
I have sold many of the HMSO publications and this copy is one of the better condition copies.
The One That Got AwayThe One That Got Away
James and Leasor
1st Edition, 1956

4 + 2.90 P&P

The story of fighter pilot Franz Von Werra, the only German to escape from Allied custody and make it back to Germany.
Good condition hardback. A bit of spotting on edge.
Dust Jacket with small tear.
SpandauSpandau; The Secret Diaries
Albert Speer

4 + 2.90 P&P

Quite a few B/W pictures.
A good hardback, the dust cover is a little tatty.
Signal VentureSignal Venture
Brigadier L.H. Harris

8 + 2.90 P&P

A rare book on an unusual subject, radio communications.
A fascinating autobiography of a career soldier who, beginning as a linesman with the Australian Signals during the 1914-1918 War and then as an officer with the Royal Signals during the Second World War when he served with the B.E.F. during the withdrawal from Dunkirk later at G.H.Q, Home Forces and finally as Chief Telecommunications Section, SHAEF.
Good quality hardback; reasonable dust cover.
siegfriedHitler's Siegfried Line
Neil Short
2002 1st Edition; Very good condition

6 + 2.90 P&P

Fully illustrated with over 100 photographs from archives and contemporary sources and supported by detailed maps in becoming the first comprehensive guide in English to the defences of the Siegfried Line. Clean tight hardback in an unclipped d/w - 174 pages including index.
A lovely condition book, unclipped dust cover.
Normandy to the BalticNormandy to the Baltic
Bernard Montgomery

5 + 2.90 P&P

Montgomery`s own account of the World War Two campaign in Northern Europe.

Good condition book, very attractive cover.
russiaRussia 1941-1942 A Blitzkrieg book
Ian Allen

3.50 + 1.70 P&P

A good quality paperback with loads of illustrations.
black cross Knights of the Black Cross
Hitler's Panzerwaffe and it's leaders
Bryan Perrett
4.00 + 2.90 P&P

A good book, with acceptable dust cover, but there is staining on the internal flyleaf.
East AngliaEast Anglia at War; 1939-1945
Derek E. Johnson

5 + 1.70 P&P

Recalls the vital part East Anglia played in the defence of Great Britain throughout the Second World War.

Good paperback copy.
East Anglia At WarEast Anglia at War; 1939-1945
Derek E. Johnson

1978 First Ed.

8 + 2.90 P&P

Recalls the vital part East Anglia played in the defence of Great Britain throughout the Second World War.

Good hardback copy; Good dust cover, with faded spine.
ModelModel Occupation
The Channel Islands Under German Rule, 1940-1945
Madeline Bunting; 1995

4 + 2.90 P&P

The human story of the only part of Britain to fall under Nazi rule in the Second Worl War telling of the love affairs between local women and German soldiers, betrayals, blackmarketeering, indvidual acts of resistance, courage and endurance.
A seperate, early leaflet and map of the German Military Underground Hospital is included.
A good condition hardback.
nearly wereThe Battlefields That Nearly Were
Defended England 1940
William Foot

8 + 2.90 P&P

Royal Military Canal; Farthingloe; Cuckmere Haven; River Medway; Penshurst, Kent, etc, etc.

Quite good condition paperback.
handbookGerman Army Handbook
W.J.K. Davies

3 + 1.70 P&P

The handbook is a collection of information about that army, including historical background, organisation, fighting units, basic tactics, equipment, the men and their accoutrements, and tactical signs and symbols. Includes appendices on the conduct of the war, 1939-45; Deutsches Afrika Korps; and the Waffen SS.
Over 100 photos and diagrams.
Not bad condition paperback but the cover is creased.  Faded spine.
Portrait of a German General
Rowland Ryder
4 + 2.90 P&P

The life of Johann Theodor von Ravenstein, an old school officer and gentleman in the German army.  He fought with distinction in both world wars, earning the respect of his enemies as well as his allies. In the invasion of France in 1940 he led the attack that captured the entire command staff of the French Ninth Army. He went on to be a tank general in the North African campaign where he was captured by the British.
Good condition, price unclipped.
Patton last battlePatton's Last Battle
Charles Whiting

3 + 2.90 P&P

First Edition, 1987
Patton's operations during the last stages of WWII.

Very good condition book and unclipped dust cover.  Pages spotted on the edges.
ProfChurchill and the Prof
Thomas Wilson
Story of Professor F.A. Lindemann and his association with Winston Churchill.
P/B.  Good condition.
3.00 + 2.90 P&P
Home GuardWe Remember the Home Guard
Frank & Joan Shaw

3 + 2.90 P&P

Reminiscences of life in Britain's Home Guard during WW2, of their rudimentary armaments in the early stages of the war, their training and their gradual acquisition of more sophisticated weaponry, as experienced by the men  themselves
Good condition.
German Special Forces of World War Two
Jemes Lucas
The Abwehr, the Brandenburgs, the SS Parachute Battalions, the Navy's Special Forces, and the Luftwaffe Special Forces, among others.
Hardback.  Good dust cover
5.00 + 2.90 P&P
rommelThe Armies of Rommel
George Forty
4.50 + 2.90 P&P

The author explains the army stucture, personnel, weapons and equipment at the disposal of the Fieldmarshall. There are some excellent black and white photograps of equipment and uniforms.
Good condition Paperback.
WW2 War Magazines
pict 01pict 02pict 03pict 04

pict 05pict 06pict 07pict 08

Individual magazines of the Hutchinson's Pictorial History of the War.  Each copy has very good images and was published during the war.  The missing part of the cover was done to reduce paper waste during printing.  
Each copy is 2, with 70p P&P.  For quantity 3 for 2 paid, with the postage at cost.  I have dozens of these.  Please ask for a list.
janesvehiclesJane's World Armoured Fighting Vehicles

7.00 +2.90 P&P

The book is quite good, but the dust cover is very faded on the spine.  See picture.
mroomThe 'M' Room
Secret Listeners who bugged the Nazis
Helen Fry

9.00 + 2.90 P&P

Good condition paperback.
Bloody BremenBloody Bremen
Ike's Last Battle
Charles Whiting

3.50 + 2.90 P&P

Good book and dust cover.
phoenixPhoenix Triumphant
The Rise and Rise of the Luftwaffe
E.R. Hooton

3.50 + 2.90 P&P

Good hard-backed book and dust cover