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Jeppeson 01Jeppeson 02Vintage Jeppesen Airway Manual
Covers the USA

10 + 3.40 P&P

Updated to 1976-1977

Very good Quality Leather Binder
A lovely vintage collectors item.
There is no title page.
Brief History RAFA Brief History of the Royal Air Force
AP 3003

4 + 2.90 P&P

 Published with the permission of the Ministry of Defence on behalf of the Controller of Her Majesty's Stationery Office.

A large format paperback.


luft 33-45

 The Luftwaffe 1933-45; Strategy for Defeat. Williamson  Murray.

 8 + 2.80 P&P.

 Item Description: Paperback. Book Condition: Very good Paperback.

 396 pages. Dimensions: 9.1in. x 6.1in. x 1.0in.
 Dr. Murrays book provides a detailed analytical study of the development of the  Luftwaffe.
 The author takes an in-depth look at the easy war (1939-40) and the turn  toward Russia in  Operation Barbarossa. 

  Dr. Murray investigates the war of attrition from 1942 through early 1944 and the reasons for  the final  demise of the  Luftwaffe from  April  through to  September 1944.   

spearheadSpearhead for Blitzkrieg

Luftwaffe Operations in Support of the Army, 1939-1945

Dr. Alfred Price

4 + 2.90 P&P

During World War II the Luftwaffe was the only air force with practical knowledge of combat against Soviet armed forces. After the war the U.S. Historical Research Division set up a project using this expertise to benefit from the lessons learned. Spearhead for Blitzkrieg was part of this project. 

Very good hardcover first edition.

Bomber BaronsBomber Barons
Chaz Bowyer

3 + 2.90 P&P

Some of the Bomber crews careers are detailed, with relating episodes that reflect the qualities that made them outstanding.
Illustrations in black and white.

Good condition hardback
The Lost Domain Of The Flying Boat
Graham Coster

3 + 2.90 P&P

A very good flying boat aviation account, including the fabled recovery of the C-Class flying boat from the Congo after finger trouble sent it off course.
A good dust cover and hardback
ground attackGround Attack Aircraft of World War II
Christopher Shores
3.50 + 2.90 P&P
Good book with fair dust cover
With the outbreak of World War II the initially spectacular successes of the German dive-bombers overshadowed the need for close support aircraft but as the war continued ground attack began to play an increasingly more vital role in every military operation. Machines used for this purpose ranged from ground-strafing fighters and fighter-bombers to specially-designed armoured ground attack aircraft represented by the formidable Ilyusian series and Henschel Hs 129 B; improvised but highly successful anti-tank adaptations such as the Hurricane IID and Junkers Ju 87G; and the devastatingly effective rocket-firing Typhoons over Western Europe. Ground attack also became an important part of campaigns in the South-West pacific and in Burma, culminating in the use of Napalm.
fokker  Fokker; A Transatlantic Biography. Mark Dierikx.

 10 + 2.70 P&P

 Item Description: An American publication. Smithsonian Institution, Washington. D.C., 1997.
 Hardcover. 1st Edition, 250pgs.
 A very good copy. Just a mark on the dust cover (pictured) the rest is lovely. Rare in the UK.

 Fokker made aerial combat possible by inventing a device to synchronize machine gun fire with propellers.
Wild WeaselWild Weasel Fighter Attack
Thomas Withington

8 + 2.90 P&P

Detecting and destroying enemy Surface-to-Air Missiles (SAMs) and radar is arguably the most dangerous mission that any pilot can undertake. Tactics differ with air forces, but the general principal is to fly a formation of aircraft into an area where the enemy's air defences are strong, wait for their radar to illuminate the aircraft and then launch a volley of anti-radiation missiles to destroy the radar and thus blind the SAMs and air defences.

Very good quality book and dust cover; not price-clipped.
iron handIron Hand
Smashing the Enemy's Air Defences
Thornborough & Mormillo

10 + 2.90 P&P

The evolution of electronic combat since the 1960s.
Good condition hardback and good dust jacket.
Coastal CommandCoastal Command

2 + 1.70 P&P

1942 Publication
Battle Of The Seas, 1939-1942

Only a reading copy.  The pages are good, but the cover is damaged .
BiplaneBiplane to Monoplane
Aircraft Development 1919-39
Putnam's History of Aircraft

10 + 2.90 P&P

This is a study of aircraft, from biplanes to monoplanes between the years 1919-39, covering the production and operation of aircraft worldwide. The articles seek to explain why progress was in a particular direction, emphasizing the political, strategic or economic factors that dictated that development. Moving from the general to the specific, graphs and tabular data relating to typical or significant aircraft or allied subjects are provided in each section.
Very good condition including good unclipped dust cover.
shipbustersThe Ship-Busters
The Story of the R.A.F. Torpedo-Bombers.
Ralph Barker

4.00 + 2.90 P&P

The author was a wireless-operator/air-gunner in the Middle East, West Africa and U.K. during World War Two. Includes attacks by Beauforts of the 'strike-wings', the Lutzow, Gneisenau, Scharnhorst, Prinz Eugen, Rommel's 'last tanker', and others.

First edition. 

other battleThe Other Battle; Luftwaffe Night Aces Versus Bomber Command.

Peter Hinchcliffe.

10 + 2.80 P&P

Item Description: Airlife, London, 1996. Hard Back. Book Condition: Good. 352 pp.

The book traces the parallel development of night bombing within the RAF and that of the Luftwaffe's Night Fighter Force.

It encompasses the historical, strategic, tactical and technical aspects of the subject, and contains a large amount of material based on personal experience.

bekkerThe Luftwaffe War Diaries
The German Air Force in World War II
Cajus Bekker.

6 + 2.80 P&P.

2001 Paperback. Book Condition: Very Good. 400 pages many pages of B&W photographs.

Originally published in Germany in 1964, this is the definitive and vivid account of the Luftwaffe in action during WW2 based on official and private collections. It covers all aspects of their operations, and includes many valuable appendices covering personnel, aircraft, production, losses, units, etc.

Many of the 100+ photographs are fairly rare.

Our Air ForceOur Air Force
War Lock; 1942

3 + 2.90 P&P

Boards very scuffed and corners bumped, top and bottom worn.

The pages, photographs and colour plates are very good.

japanese acesJapanese Naval Aces and Fighter Units in World War II
7.00 + 2.90 P&P
A magnificent work of research in three parts - 1) Rare photos and brief descriptions of the principal Japanese Naval aircraft. 2) Concise histories of the Japanese air groups, including every carrier- and land-based fighter unit in the IJN. 3) Biographical sketches of Japan’s leading naval aces. Plus much information contained in the many appendices and nearly 350 photographs.

The book is good, but there is no dust cover present.