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Greek FireGreek Fire
Poison Arrows, Scorpion Bombs, Biological and Chemical Warfare in the Ancient World
Adrienne Mayor

8 + 2.90 P&P

Hercules & the Hydra:  the invention of biological weapons; Alexander the Great & the arrows of doom; poiosn waters, deadly vapors; a casket of plague in the Temple of Babylon; sweet sabotage; animal allies & scorpion bombs; infernal fire.

Lovely condition dust cover and Hardback.
blenheimBlenheim; Battle For Europe
Charles Spencer.

8 + 2.80 P&P

Weidenfeld and Nicolson, London, 2004. Hard Cover. Book Condition: Very good. Dust Jacket Condition: Very Good. Hardcover with dust jacket, 365 pages, with illustrations. The book is clean and firm and in a sound binding

Charles Spence reveals how John Churchill, Duke of Marlborough and his friend and ally, Prince Eugene of Savoy brought about the incredible victory despite crushing personal and political pressures.
Bought at Blenhein Palace.
MountbattenThe Diaries of Lord Louis Mountbatten; 1920-1922
Tours with the Prince of Wales
edited by Philip Ziegler

3.50 + 2.90 P&P

1st edition; 1987
The account of a tour of New Zealand and Australia is a frank and often libellous account while the tour of India and Japan was strictly for the family and is more informative and personal. Gives a revealing portrait of the Prince of Wales, later Edward VIII. 
great dukeThe Great Duke
Biographical narrative of Wellington
Arthur Bryant
4.50 + 2.90 P&P

Acceptable condition.  The book is good, but the dust cover is a little tired.
civil warThe American Civil War
John Keegan; 2009

3 + 2.90 P&P

A very good book and dust cover.  Price un-clipped.
infantry attacksInfantry Attacks; Rommel
General Field Marshal Erwin Rommel.
With a New Introduction by Manfred Rommel. Translated from the German by G. E. Kidde.

10 + 2.90 P&P;  A very cheap copy of this brilliant book.

Classic work on the art of war originally published 1937, based on Rommel's own experiences in World War One.
With numerous sketch plans & maps. Hardback / hard cover: black boards, backstrip lettered in gilt.

Good copy in good unclipped dust jacket.
theresaThe Army of Maria Theresa
The Armed Forces of Imperial Austria, 1740-1780
Christopher Duffy

20 + 2.90 P&P  Rare sought after book

Battle maps and organisation.
Good book, but with a few marks and slightly damaged top to spine and dust cover.
invasionInvasion; From the Armada to Hitler; 1588-1945
Frank Mclynn; 1987

3.50 + 2.90 P&P

The author discusses the various strategies adopted by would-be invaders, drawing out the common thread in all these attempts - from the Spanish Armada, through the French in the Jacobite era and under Napoleon, culminating in Hitler's projected 'Operation Sea Lion', which had to think in terms of both sea and air power. British sea power was certainly an important element in preventing successful invasions; others were an efficient system of espionage and the blockade of enemy ports. But the author makes it eminently clear that the reason for the failure of all invasion plans over the past four hundred years has been more or less the same: the dangerous seas around the British Isles and the freakish and erratic weather associated with them.
Good condition hardback and dust cover.
nelson Nelson
Britannia's God of War
4.50 + 2.90 P&P

Book and dust cover very good.
General GordonGeneral Gordon
Richard Garrett

3 + 2.90 P&P

Hardback, no dust cover.  Good condition.
boer warBoer War Diary of Sol T. Plaatje
2.50 + 1.70 P&P

Acceptable condition.  It's a bit worn, but the story is great!

flag flyingThank God We Kept the Flag Flying

The siege and Relief of Ladysmith; 1899-1900
Kenneth Griffith

4.00 + 2.90 P&P

Condition good, but no dust cover.
EmpireDeeds That Won the Empire
Historic Battle Scenes;  W.H. Fitchett;  1912
10.00 + 2.90 P&P
The Fight off St. Vincent, The Heights of Abraham, The Great Lord Hawke, The Night Attack on Badajos, The Fire-ships in The Basque Roads, The Man who Spoiled Napoleon's "Destiny"!, Great Sea-Duels, The Blood Stained Hill of Busaco, Of Nelson and The Nile, The Fusileers at Albuera, The "Shannon" and "The Chesapeake", The Great Breach of Ciudad Rodrigo, How the "Hermione" was Recaptured, French and English in The Passes, Famous Cutting-out Expeditions, Mountain Combats, The Bloodiest Fight in The Peninsula, The Battle of The Baltic, King-Making Waterloo (8 Chapters), The Night Attack off Cadiz and Trafalgar. 16 engravings include portraits of Wellington, Wolfe, Hawke, Picton, Nelson, Napoleon, Saumarez, Soult, and Beresford. 11 plans show The Battle Off Cape St. Vincent, The Seige of Quebec, The Seige of Badajos, The Battle of The Nile, The Battle of Albuera, The Seige of Ciudad Rodrigo, The Combat of Roncesvalles, The Battle of St. Pierre, The Battle of The Baltic, The Battle of Waterloo, and The Attack at Trafalgar.
A good tight book considering its age, but the cover is faded at one point (see picture), and there is some spotting inside.
africaScramble For Africa; The Great Trek To The Boer War

Anthony Nutting; 1970

3 + 2.90 P&P

This is the dramatic story of the scramble by the European powers, and in particular England, for power and influence in Africa during the 19th century.

Good condition with a slightly worn dust cover.

WaterlooWaterloo; A Near Run Thing
David Howarth

2 + 1.70 P&P

Many illustrations and maps

Paperback, covered with protective film.  
Good condition.