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portsmouthPortsmouth's World War Two Heroes
Stories of the Fallen Men and Women

James Daly

8 + 1.70 P&P

An almost new paperback.  
moat defensiveMoat Defensive
A History of the waters of the Nore Command; 55 BC to 1961
D.P. Capper

7 + 2.90 P&P

A rare book about  the important Nore command, dealing with Chatham and the surrounding waters.
The book begins with the early settlers to the Nore area in England and goes on to discuss the Goodwin Sands, the Cinque Ports and their private wars, the birth of the Royal Navy under the Tudors, piracy in the Channel, the Dutch wars and the defeat of the Spanish Armada.
Quite a good tight book with just a few small faults.
admiralsThe British Admirals of the Fleet; 1734-1995
A Biographical Dictionary
T.A. Heathcote

7.50 + 2.90 P&P

Here for the first time is the definitive biographical dictionary of 115 individuals. This unique reference is packed with facts and anecdotes. Each entry not only describes the subjects naval achievements, but also his background and character, for good or ill.
A great book, almost new, good dust jacket, price un-clipped.
Upon the navyIt Is Upon The Navy
Twelve Broadcasts by Commander Anthony Timmins.  1942
3.00 + 0.70 P&P

This little book was written to remind the public during WWII just how much they owed to the Royal Navy.
The Channel Convoy; Blocking of Zeebrugge; Taranto; Ocean Convoy; Battle of the Atlantic; Crete; Lofoten Islands Raid; Kirkenes & Petsamo; Sinking of the Bismarck; Submarines in the Mediterranean; Fleet Air Arm in the Western Desert; Malta.
Good condition, considering its age.
Command The Far SeasCommand The Far Seas
Keith Middlemas; 1961
6 + 2.90 P&P
An account of German cruiser-raiders of 1914 and the naval battles of Coronel and the Falklands. Von Spee's crack squadron scored a great and early victory by destroying Craddock's mottled squadron at Coronel. The Admiralty dispatched a squadron under Sturdee that would match that of von Spee. Sturdee's orders were to hunt down and destroy the German squadron at all cost and avenge Coronel. The two squadrons clashed off the Falklands and von Spee and his ships met their fate in a running sea-fight.
Good condition hardback.  No dust cover.
Shipwrecks around BritainShipwrecks Around Britain; A Divers Guide
Leo Zanelli

8 + 2.90 P&P

1970. Kaye & Ward.
1st Ed. 112 PP with 24 location charts, plus 16 pages with 18 b/w illustrations (2 drawings & 16 photos).
Hard cover, dj. Dust jacket rubbed spine and edges.  Book good, with one or two library marks.
Guide to 400 wrecks with brief information on the ship, the shipwreck and the wreck.
Sea WarfareTwenty-five Centuries of Sea Warfare

4 + 2.90 P&P

The book is in two parts.  Chief dates in sea warfare; index; index of ships; illustrations, drawings and maps. The two parts are: one - In the Time of Oars and Sail; two - Great Battles of World War Two.

Good condition hardback.  No dust jacket.
All about work underwater, diving, submarines, torpedoes, cables, signalling, dredging, etc
Sydney F Walker, R. N.
VERY RARE 10 + 1.70 P&P
Published by C Arthur Pearson Ltd.   The book is number 8 from the “How Does It Work” series
Card cover with 127 printed pages. Dimensions 18.5 cms tall by 12 cms wide.  Contains 16 plates and 24 line drawings.
First published in 1914, this 1920 soft back edition of the book contains 12 chapters covering all aspects of work underwater, then each chapter is further broken down into sub sections.  For instance, the chapter entitled “Work Underwater” is sub-divided into sections including The Diver, The Physical Condition of Men Who Dive, The Diving Dress, The Helmet, The Dangers of Diving, Work Done Underwater and The Diving Bell.  Other chapters include “The Submarine”, “Mines and Torpedoes”, “Submarine Cables”, “Repairing Ships Underwater”, “Dredging”, “Submarine Signalling”, “Lighting Underwater”,   “Compressed Air and its Uses” and “Sounding Apparatus”.  As with many other books of the time, the author acknowledges the firm of Siebe Gorman & Co Ltd for their help.  Many of the plates showing divers in the book will be instantly recognised as the author also acknowledges Mr Stephen Cribb of Southsea for allowing his photographs to be used.
Acceptable condition for its age.  Binding good, but spine has damage and part of the rear cover is gone.
BuccaneersThe Buccaneers
Bryan Cooper

2 + 1.70 P&P

All about the various forms of Fast Patrol Boats in WW2
Paperback with very tatty cover, but the book is good; see image.

chronologyChronology of the War at Sea; 1939-1945
Volume one 1939-1942
; 1972

6 + 2.90 P&P

This English translation from the original German text, has been substantually enlarged and revised by the authors. Covers all the major events together with details of the war at sea in all the oceans of the world, plus listing the acticities of over 8,000 warships.

A good hardback and dust cover.
theyservedIn Which They Served
The Royal Navy Officer Experience in the Second World War.
Brian Lavery; 2008
3. +2.90 P&P

During WW2 the Royal Navy had to expand more than sevenfold and to find officers for this force it had to move well outside its normal supply of boys trained from the age of 13. As a result yachtsmen were recruited and sent to sea, along with possible officers who served first as ordinary seamen. Selected men were then sent to officer training in Brighton for three months and, if they were to serve on convoy escort, to the Western Isles. The social background of British wartime naval recruits, training methods, the personal experiences of those involved and what they had to learn to become an officer of the watch on the bridge of a warship,.

sheernessSheerness Naval Dockyard & Garrison
David Hughes

6 + 1.70 P&P

The history of Sheerness Naval Dockyard and its garrison since their foundation in the mid-17th century until the official closing ceremony in 1960. The final chapter illustrates how the rich heritage of fine Georgian and early Victorian structures have largely been demolished or allowed to rot in more recent years.
Good condition paperback.  SOLD
merchant navyBritain's Merchant Navy
Sir Archibald Hurd

4 + 2.90 P&P

A profusely illustrated wartime survey of the various types of merchant ships, including coastal ships, tankers, cargo ships, passenger ships, and others. The book also describes how the Merchant Navy operates in wartime. Illustrated with over 200 photographs, diagrams and cutaways.
A nice copy.
glorious navyBritain's Glorious Navy
Admiral Sir Reginald Bacon

4 + 2.90 P&P

About 1943
This informative and comprehensive wartime survey of the Royal Navy, defines the Navy's duties, types of ships, warship construction, personnel, naval gunnery and naval bases. It covers battleships, battle-cruisers, cruisers, destroyers, submarines, escort vessels, corvettes, trawlers, drifters, monitors, MTB/MGBs, river gunboats, sludge hoppers as emergency transports, pleasure steamers as auxiliary minesweepers, and details of some of their wartime exploits
Spit BankSolent Papers No.1 Spit Bank and the Spithead Forts
Mitchell, Cantwell and Sprack

 5 + 1.70 P&P

Very well illustrated with photographs and diagrams.
Good condition.
seamanshipManual of Seamanship Vol. II  1932
Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty

5 + 2.90 P&P

The condition of the book is acceptable with brown marks and water staining, but all is very readable, especially seeing as it has likely been to sea.

amphibiousAmphibious Operations
Barry Gregory
3.00 + 1.70 P&P
Blandford War Photo-Files
, London, 209 pp. 1st Edition. 1988.
A title in the Blandford War Photo-Files series. An interesting pictorial history of amphibious operations, of which the largest was D-day, 1944.
It covers the late 1980's, both the USA and USSR still maintained a strong amphibious capability.
Glossy pictorial heavy card wraps.  A good copy.
stirring coverstirring contentsStirring Deeds of Britain's Sea-Dogs in the Great War
Harold Wheeler

8 + 2.90 P&P

Amazing stories about the Royal Navy, especially considering that this was written in 1916
Good condition for a book that is 100 years old.
Our AdmiralOur Admiral
Charles Beatty

3 + 2.90 P&P

Perhaps not a brilliant Admiral, but a good book.
A biography of Admiral of the Fleet Earl Beatty, 1871 - 1936. 211pp., appendices of service records, ships, etc..
Fair conditionm as it has no dust jacket.
seasurrendersThe Sea Surrenders (RARE)
Captain W.R. Fell;
Naval salvage teams at work.
8 +  2.90 P&P

Retired from the Royal Navy, he was immediately re-employed by the Admiralty as a Grade I Salvage Officer, testing submarines by submerging them until the water pressure collapsed their hulls. Captain Fell describes major salvage operations with the minimum of technical jargon.
Good tight book with no dust cover.
town that diedThe Town That Died
Michael J. Bird
10 + 2.90 P&P
The story of an appalling yet little-known disaster in which the dead and injured were numbered in thousands, and the homeless in tens of thousands. In December, 1917, a French ship carrying 2,500 tons of high explosives collided with another vessel in Halifax harbour, Nova Scotia. The explosion was heard fifty-two miles away; it levelled the Halifax waterfront, and initiated a bitter legal battle to establish blame for the catastrophe. Many B&W photographs.
A rare 1962 first edition that is marked as being in the War Office Library in 1962.
The only reason it is not more expensive is that it has no dust cover.
polishOkret desantowy sredni
Amphibious Assault Ships in Polish language
5 + 1.70 P&PKuczera Andrzej, Kierzkowski Stanislaw
Published by Warszawa: Wydawnictwo Ministerstwa Obrony Narodowej, 1979.
16 pages, many illustrations. Quite good condition. Just a few marks.
gun boatsThe War of the Gun Boats
Byran Cooper
2009; Pen and Sword
7 + 2.90 P&P
The 'little ships' of the Second World War; Germans Schnellboote (Fast Boats), referred to by the British as E-boats (E for Enemy). Royal Navy MTBs and MGBs and American PT boats (for Patrol Torpedo).
Bryan Cooper's book traces the history and development of these craft from their first limited use in the First World War and the fast motor boats designed in the 1930s for wealthy private clients and water speed record attempts. An account of the battles which took place during the Second World.

Very good copy, virtualy as new, dust jacket unclipped.
princeeugenThe Story of the Prince Eugen
Fritz-Otto Busch

5.00 + 2.90 P&P

The story of the famous German heavy cruiser, commissioned in 1940, and destroyed in the Bikini Atoll atomic bomb tests in 1946. Prinz Eugen famously accompanied the Tirpitz and Gneisenau in the Channel Dash..
Good, faded spine, but no dust cover.
unknownfleetThe Unknown Fleet
The Army's Civilian Seamen in War and Peace.
Reg Cooley; 1993
8.00 + 2.90 P&P
This book tells the story of the little-known civilian-manned vessels of the British Army and its predecessors which served the Armed Forces of the Crown, from its medieval beginnings on the River Thames to its development into an ocean-going Royal Army Service Corps fleet which numbered over 1,100 ships at the end of the Second World War. Reg Cooley traces the fleet's growth during the nineteenth century into a coastal Board of Ordnance Fleet in response to the rapid burgeoning of naval and military armament technology.
Good condition book and dust jacket with just a crease in the inside of the jacket.  It has RETURNS marked on the fly sheet but I can't see anything else wrong with the book.
Yellow admiral remembersA Yellow Admiral Remembers
Vice Admiral Humphrey Hugh Smith

A rare book 12.00 + 2.90 P&P
An autobiography of one of the lesser known Admirals, from 1885 to 1926.
The book is tightly bound, the spine has a small tear at the top.  There are text additions added internally which do not obstruct the text  See picture.

crabbCommander Crabb
Marshall Pugh; 1956

5 + 2.90 P&P

Crabb gained notoriety when he disappeared in Portsmouth harbour in mysterious circumstances (still unexplained) in 1956. Also covers his wartime exploits with the Underwater Working Party fighting the Italian 10th Light Flotilla from Gibraltar.

Good.  No jacket.
scapa flowScapa Flow
The Reminiscences of Men and Women who served in Scapa Flow in the two World Wars
Malcolm Brown and Patricia Meehan

8 + 2.90 P&P

First Edition, 1968
Very good and unusual B/W illustrations.
Not bad condition but the first page has split, see pic, but it has no effect ofn the binding.  Hardback, stained, with gold spine.  No dust jacket.

Jonathan Crane

3.00  + 2.90 P&P

H/B with dust cover

scharnhorstThe Drama of the Scharnhorst
A factual account from the German viewpoint
Fritz-Otto Busch; 1956

5 + 2.90 P&P

A good hardback but with very  faded spine and no jacket.
polands NavyPoland's Navy 1918 - 1945
Michael Alfred Peszke

12 + 2.90 P&P

Almost new hardback with good dust cover.
Poland's Navy 1918-1945, Michael Alfred Peszke, In this well researched and informative history, the author outlines the role of the Polish Navy from its creation through World War II, including major battles and operations in the Atlantic, Mediterranean, and Arctic. Divided into eleven chapters and supplemented with seven appendices, Poland's Navy, 1918-1945 also includes a comprehensive listing of bibliographical resources and an index of names of ships, officers, and other important figures.
portsmouth lettersPortsmouth Letters
by Admiral Sir W.M. James in 1946
8.00 + 2.90 P&P
Admiral Sir William Milbourne James GCB (22 December 1881 - 17 August 1973) was a British Naval commander, politician and author, perhaps most notable for his activities in the Naval Intelligence Division in the First World War. As a child, James sat as a subject for several paintings by his grandfather, Millais. The most well-known of these is Bubbles, in which the five-year-old William is shown gazing enraptured at a bubble he has just blown. During World War II, James served as Commander-in-Chief, Portsmouth from 1939. In 1940 he commanded Operation Ariel, the evacuation of British troops from Brittany and Normandy.
Book is  a good hardback  with a little spotting inside and on the dust cover.
usnavyWarships of the U.S. Navy
6.00 + 2.80 P&P

Morison & Rowe
Foreword and Notes on Assignments, plus Addenda, Classification of US Naval Ships and Craft, and Index. Ships are chaptered by type of vessel and each contains black/white photograph accompanied by complete descriptive text, charts, and drawings of inside and out. From submarines to coast guard vessels, they're all here.
Book condition good, but the dust cover has a small piece missing from the top edge of the spine.

narvikNarvik.  Vom Heldenkampf deutscher Zerstorer
Busch, Fritz Otto;

10 + 2.90 P&P

Geman account of the 1940 Narvik battle.

Please note that this book is written in the German language but the illustrations make this book well worth having.
Kenneth Poolman; 1955

5 + 2.90 P&P

The extensive history of HMS Illustrious, the Royal Navy aircraft carrier that saw meritorious service in the Mediterranean and Far Eastern theatres in WW2. She carried squadrons of Swordfish, Avengers and Corsairs of the Fleet Air Arm.

The book is good, but the dust jacket is a bit damaged and torn
commandCommand of the Sea
British Naval History 1918-45
F.H. Hinsley
4 + 1.70 P&P

Book good.  Dust cover fair, covered by plastic.

battleoftheseasThe Battle of the Seas
The Fighting Merchantmen
Sir Archibald Hurd
3.00 +2.90 P&P

This is the story of the fighting merchantmen and takes into account the first two years of the second world war, illustrated with black and white photographs this fascinating book looks at the war at the time the country was fighting for it's life.

Book is good, but the dust cover is very tired, see picture.
plain yarnsPlain Yarns from the Fleet
Charles Owen;  1999

3 + 2.90 P&P

The author looks at the Royal Navy from 1900 to 1945.  What was the Navy doing in those days, how did its people function, and when the greatest test came in 1939, was the Navy up to it?  With the help of anecdotes, eye-witness accounts and reminiscences, archival material and published works, the author paints a broad and vivid view of the Royal Navy in this challenging era.
Very good condition.  Dust Jacket has a couple of creases in bottom left corner.
Former Naval PersonFormer Naval Person
Churchill And The Wars At Sea

Richard Hough

3 + 2.90 P&P

A history of Winston Churchill's stormy relationship with the Royal Navy. Churchill was First Lord of the Admiralty in 1911 and was again appointed First Sea Lord in September 1939, and subsequently as Prime Minister he continued to take a close interest in naval operations.
Good hardback