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DefenceThe Defence of Thanet and East Kent (1939-1945)
The book concentrates on an area from Herne Bay and Canterbury, through the towns and villages of Thanet, then down to the south, past Sandwich, Deal, Dover, finishing off in the Hythe and Romney Marsh area.  There are chapters on Minster, Sarre, St. Nicholas and Pegw
ell Bay.  The author lists many of the coastal defences, including pillboxes, gun batteries and flame defence installations, the defended villages and the ‘Stop Lines’, which were a second line of defence further inland.
A chapter about the Auxiliary Units describes the ‘Secret Army’ patrols, mainly in and around Thanet, listing the men involved and the location of the underground hideouts.   Full details are also given about the Fifth Columnists, the British Union of Fascists, and the German spies that operated in the area before the war and those that attempted to land in Kent in 1940.   The important work of Home Defence is well covered, utilizing interviews with a number of local residents and previously unpublished extracts from diaries and day books.  The activities of the W.V.S., A.R.P., Heavy Rescue, and A.F.S. units are described and especially the Home Guard, an organisation very different to that portrayed in the comedy T.V. series, ‘Dad’s Army.
At the end of the book, the plans for the German Invasion of the south coast in September, 1940 are examined, and with the aid of statements made after the war by officers of the Allied and Axis forces, the author attempts to predict the outcome of that projected invasion of the British Isles.
The book contains around 200 pages and is spiral bound.  There are approximately 50 glossy photographs, many in colour, over 75 illustrations in the text, 14 diagrams and 19 maps.  The book is fully indexed.
12.99  + 2.90 P&P  
volunteerCivil Defence;  The Wartime Volunteers of East Kent

Ron Stilwell

The book is about the East Kent voluntary services in the Second World War and the stories of those ordinary members of the public, both young and old, who were caught up in the conflict.

Areas covered include the Isle of Thanet and East Kent, with some of the villages covered by the old Eastry Rural District Council. 

There are chapters about the Civil Defence, Air Raid Shelters, A.R.P. Air Raid Precautions, A.F.S. Auxiliary Fire Service, Mobile Heavy Rescue, W.V.S. Women’s Voluntary Service, Women’s Land Army, Voluntary Youth Organisations, Volunteer Concert Parties, The Police and Special Constables, L.D.V. and the Home Guard, Auxiliary Units and the S.D.S., First Aid Services, ‘Digging For Victory’, The Royal Observer Corps, The Churches including The Salvation Army and Y.M.C.A., Auxiliary Coastguard Service, The R.N.L.I., local fishermen, and the Little Tikes!

The book has about 170 pages with a great many illustrations, many in colour.

The cost is 12  + 2.90 P&P