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Kings letterLetter from King George VI
June 1946

5 + 70p P&P

At the end of the Second World War every child in England received a letter from the King.  The letter was a personal message to all the children in the country and it included all the important dates in the war on the reverse.
I have a few of these unused documents which were found in the attic of St. John's School, Margate when it closed down.

Did you have one of these and  lost it?
bruce leeTao of Jeet Kune Do
Bruce Lee

7 + 2.90 P&P

Compiled from Bruce Lee's notes and essays and originally published in 1975, this iconic volume is one of the seminal martial arts guides of its time. The science and philosophy behind the martial art fighting system, Jeet Kune Do, that Lee pioneered himself, is explained in detail, depicted through hundreds of Lee's own illustrations.
Not  bad condition, but the cover shows that it's 30 years old.
FA 01fa 02fa 03Fighting Arts
The Magazine for the Serious Martial Artist

Very early editions; Vol 2, No. 3, No. 4 and No. 5

3 each.

Postage at cost.  

Includes articles on Kendo, Chinese Martial Arts, Karate and Kodu  Jutsu.
japanese ArmourA Short History of Japanese Armour
3 + 1.70 P&P
Catalogue for an Exhibition of Japanese Arms and Armour held at the Armouries of the Tower of London from May-September, 1965.
The exhibit covered antiquity to 1867 with illustrations and descriptive text. Specifically, the principal periods described are Prohistoric and Asuka (to 644 AD); Nara, early and late Heian (646 -1185); Kamakura (1186 -1333); Muromachi (1334 -1572); Momoyama 91573 - 1602); and Edo (1603 - 1867).
Minor soiling/rubbing and creasing wear.
UFOUFO Flying Saucer Comic
Gold Key Comic

3 + 70p P&P

Good condition, not fine but good.
Andrew SachsAndrew Sachs; I Know Nothing
The Autobiography

3 + 2.90 P&P

I Know Nothing recounts anecdotes of Sachs bizarre adolescence, his early days in rep, and later working with a galaxy of stars including Rex Harrison, Norman Wisdom, Noel Coward, Alec Guinness, Richard Burton, Peter Sellers and Dame Edith Evans. It tells of how he eventually came to team up with John Cleese on the show that would make him famous as the hapless waiter from Barcelona. Charming, laugh-out-loud funny and utterly compelling, I Know Nothing is the rich life story of one of Britain s best-loved character actors.
AlecMy Name Escapes Me
The Diary of a Retiring Actor
Alec Guinness

2.50 + 2.90 P&P

Good condition and good dust cover.
The previous owner has made a comment in the text as they disagreed with the word used!
TolkeinJ.R.R. Tolkein; Artist & Illustrator

10 + 2.90 P&P

A much sought after book in good condition.
This book  explores Tolkien s art at length, from his childhood paintings and drawings to his final sketches. At its heart are his illustrations for his books, especially his tales of Middle-earth. Also examined are the pictures Tolkien made for his children, his expressive calligraphy, his love of decoration, and his contributions to the typography and design of his books.
With 200 reproductions, many in full colour, this lavishly-produced book offers a perfect opportunity for anyone wishing to discover a largely unexplored aspect of J.R.R. Tolkien s character. 
TolkeinA Tolkein Bestiary
David Day

2.50 + 2.90 P&P or come and pick it up!

A large format paperback.
Incredible illustrations.
Memories'My Favourite Part' Film Stars.
A full set of Gallagher Cigarette Cards.  Dated 1939

8 + 75p P&P

I have just shown the first page of cards.  I will post more if required.

You will receive the cards in plastic folders.
Liebig 01Liebig 02Liebig Cards, Various.

9 + 1.25 P&P

12 cards in total.

Don't know what they are about.

Please ask for more images if needed.